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Music is developed through vocal and instrumental skills based activities and is delivered to mixed – ability groups, giving the School its characteristically energetic and outgoing musical ethos. There are plenty of opportunities for children of all ages to participate in choirs, orchestras and ensemble. Drama is developed from role play in the Infant School, through to theatre studies in the Senior School. It used as a cross–curricular tool to enhance the study of topics and subjects at relevant stages and as a discipline in its own right. Expressive dance and movement are taught to further the understanding or interpretation of a study or a piece of music, and to instill a sense of control and co–ordination of the body. 
The school encourages performances from the youngest ages, in the belief that confidence achieved in this area in the early years can be built on and will develop as a student grows older .


The Visual Arts curriculum assumes that every student has natural artistic abilities. It is designed to develop those abilities and an appreciation and understanding of the subject, through an exploration of art, craft, and design in a wide cultural and historical context. Children are encouraged to respond to the work of artists, craft workers and designers in a practical and imaginative way. A particular focus is placed on regional arts and impressions. Opportunities are given to develop skills and express ideas by working with different materials, and using variety of techniques.

Indo Bharat International School