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Curriculum Policy



Indo Bharat International School intends to implement the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Curriculum from Nursery to class XII. This curriculum lends itself admirably to good education. Classes 9 to 12 would be the CBSE +2 stages.
The objectives of the School curriculum are that, it be
BROAD so that it  introduces each student to  a wide range of concepts, experience, knowledge and skills.
BALANCED so that each area of the curriculum is allowed sufficient time for its contribution to be effective.
RELEVANT so that all subjects contribute to a sound general education, which prepares pupils for opportunities, responsibilities and experience of adult life in a rapidly changing world.
DIFFRENTIATED so that whatever  is taught, and however it is taught, it is matched to individual student, and develops their abilities and aptitudes.
The emphasis is on providing the students with the very best value education that will stand in comparison with the top colleges at the international level.
Indo Bharat International School