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Director's Message

To help avert future shock, we must create a super-industrial education system. And to do this, we must search for objectives and methods in the future rather than in the past. The direction is super-industrialism, the starting point- the future.

To give substance to our claims, the school has come forward to translate the concept into a living reality and has based its concept and planning on the philosophy of A.N. Whitehead's "Aims of Education" which are based on the psychological development of a child's mind... romanticism, precision and generalisation. Two other books that have influenced us greatly are Shri Auronbindo's "A scheme of education" and Alvin Toffler's "Future Shock".

"The curriculum of tomorrow must thus include not only a extremely wide range of data oriented courses, but a strong emphasis on future relevant behavioural skills. It must combine variety of factual content with universal training in what might be termed 'life know-how'. It must find ways to do both at the same time transmitting one in circumstances or environments that produce the other." - Toffler The School shall at all times constantly endeavour to promote mental alertness, physical fitness and spiritual depth with a deeep and unflagging commitment to the future.
Bharat Mundra
MBA,University of Bath,UK