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A Student may be expelled from the school on the following grounds :

If fees and other dues are not paid after issue of one reminder in the school diary of the child, the name of the student will be struck off the rolls.
If the conduct, behaviour or influence of a student is detrimental to the general discipline or interest of the school, the Principal may order his / her first withdrawal for three days, second withdrawal for seven days and third permanent withdrawal.
Parents wishing to withdraw their child have to submit written application at last one month in advance before the end of the session. In case of Mid – term withdrawal full year fees will be charged before issue of transfer certificate except in transfer cases or shifting of family.
If a student is found medically unfit and is a health hazard to other student.
Come up to the academic standard of his / her class and when detention in the same class would make the student too old for his / her class.
If a student does not comply with the rules and regulations of CBSE.
Aggressive behaviour; Sexist, racist or other behaviour, which is offensive to other;
Disruptive behaviour in the classroom ; Malicious damage to school property;
Theft of, or damage to, the property of other members of the school community;
Verbal, psychological or physical abuse by another individual, which includes the use of technology such as SMS and the internet;
Possession of alcohol, tobacco, drugs or pornography, mobile, knife or arms material in the pocket or school bag in the school campus or in Boarding House.
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