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Community Service and Social Awareness

Socially useful productive work assures the learning of manual skills, appreciating the dignity of labor and the value of the working people, resulting in articles of utility and beauty. Community service and social awareness program involve students participation in linkages with the community. Literacy campaigns and work in hospitals and slums sensitize them about the life of the community around them, the deprivations suffered by others,and the the need to contribute to the building of a more egalitarian and socially just society, and for the eradication of illiteracy.

International Cultural Exchange Program

It is primarily organized on voluntary basis. School finds a placement for boys/girls in other partner schools in different countries. Under the scheme he/she can go on an exchange program for two weeks. This program aims at enriching them to extend their horizon of thinking, while at the same time help them to learn to adjust in a new enviornment and culture.

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular activities encourage personality development and draw out creativity and talents, and provide opportunities for leadership and character building of a child. Literary, cultural and artistic competitions are held regularly, and the school participates in a wide variety of competitions, and workshops held in the city. A variety of clubs and societies like Debating Society, Historical Circle, Astronomical Society, Scientific Society, Nature Club,Eco Club, Ramanujan Society, Hindi Literary Society, Social Service League, English Debating Society, Nature Watch Club, Village Development, Weather Reporting, and Website Maintenance Club etc. operate within the school.

Library, The Knowledge Centre

With its comprehensive collection of academic and reference books and its wide range of journals and periodicals, it is both a serious working library and a peaceful place of study for all. The Library incorporates a major computer network with filtered internet access which is available for use by all students throughout the week. A qualified librarian manages library and there is always an experienced member of staff available to assist pupils. A varied collection of books, reference material, CDs is available. Adequate number of newspapers keep the students updated and magazines help them in preparing for competitive exams.

School Transport

A fleet of buses in maintained by the school to widen its area of functioning. Children from adjoining areas may travel to & from by these buses.

Smart Classroom

The purpose of the smart class program is to empower teachers with technology right inside their classrooms to use digital resources such as Graphics, Animations, 3D Images, and Video Clips in addition to the traditional methods of teaching their day to day teaching life.

Health Checkup

There is a well equipped medical inspection room in the school with a qualified doctor available for consultation and a fully trained nurse and compounder. The medical officer carries out medical checkup from time to time. Vaccination and Inoculation for Cholera and Typhoid are compulsorily administered to all students.