Welcome to Indo Bharat International School



Section1. Being a member of the IBIS community
Statement of purpose
  A message to parents and students
At IBIS we aim to develop in student the personal qualities and social skills necessary to enable them to take their place in society. IBIS aims to be a community:
  • Where learning is enjoyable and purposeful;
  • Where a balance is achieved between challenge and support;
  • Which develops personal qualities, attitudes and values;
  • Of people who care about each other.

Teachers, ancillary staff, students and parents must work in partnership to 
ensure that all members of the IBIS community respect and value each other. The purpose of the Social Code is to provide a structure where student will feel safe, secure and supported. The ‘Code of Conduct’, included in the Social Code, reinforces the values and expectations IBIS wishes to promote. It is vital therefore, that we have the support and co- operation of reinforce, that we have the support and co-operation of parents to reinforce these values. Please spend some time going through the Social Code and Explaining it to your child.

1.2 The part the school plays

The Indo Bharat International School :

  • Is concerned about the welfare, over all development and academic progress of all students;
  • Provides a safe, secure and friendly environment;
  • Provides a carefully planned academic programme;
  • Provides education in personal, social and health issues;
  • Reinforces high standards of behaviour;
  • Provides a range of extra – curricular activities and educational visits

At IBIS we encourage students to develop self-discipline and adhere to our expectations as members of the school community. As a school we expect that the child should:

•  Develop the reading habit fluently with proper speed, expression and   correctly pronounce new worlds. 
•  Develop creative neat and legible writing skills; Develop rich vocabulary.
•  Develop speaking skill fluent and spontaneous, respond to situation  appropriately and accurately.
•   Understand the concept well; Take keen interest in various activities.
•  Exhibit creativity and originality through cutting, pasting, drawing and  project work etc.
•  Be dynamic, punctual, discipline, positive thinker, optimist, hardworking,  enthusiastic, creative, honest, generous.


SECTION 2. Attendance

It is compulsory for the students to complete 75% attendance in a year to make themselves eligible to appear in their final exams. Leave on account of illness etc. is also considered as absence and no relaxation will be made in such cases unless properly justified. Attendance is made compulsory for all students on the following days and defaulters will be heavily punished:
  • Independence Day (15th August).
  • Republic Day (26th January).
  • Annual Sports Meet.
  • Annual awards meet and three days prior to the meet day.
  • Other School functions.
  •  Attendance is compulsory on the following days :
(a)   Independence Day (15th August )
(b)   Republic Day ( 26th January )
c)  Annual Awards Meet and three day prior to the Meet day. 
(d)  Annual Sports Meet. 
(e)  Other School functions /or any day deemed important by the school
  • No leave will be granted for these days and defaulters will be heavily penalized / punished.

SECTION 3. Class Work and Home Work

  • IBIS students are expected to arrive with the appropriate stationary, books, copies, etc. for each lesson and work to the best of their ability.
  • Students are expected to attend  and give regular class tests only in class test copies on the appointed  dates. Regular leave of absence on the class test day will be considered serious indiscipline and likely lead to expulsion from the school. 
  • Not bringing the books, copies and school diary regularly will be considered serious breach of discipline and likely lead to expulsion from the school.
  • Homework is designed to reinforce and consolidate classroom skills as well as develop pupils as independent learners with a sense of self –discipline.
  • Teachers will set realistic deadlines for the completion of homework and other assignments. Students must manage their time so that homework is completed by the date set;
  • Not completing day to  day  home work by the child regularly will be considered as serious breach of discipline and result in likely to explusion  from the school. Plagiarism in any form is unacceptable.

SECTION 4. Uniform Policy

• All students must wear school uniform only and it should be purchased from the school authorized shop only.
• Games uniform is separate and thus uniform checks are conducted at regular intervals to ensure that all students comply with the uniform policy.

Summer Uniform
Winter Uniform
White Shirt / Blouse
Dark Grey woolen trouser
Grey skirt for girls / tunic
Grey sweaters
Grey shorts / trousers for class Vonwards
Navy Blue Blazers (Up to class III Blue Jacket )
School belt
Grey Stockings

SECTION 5. Consequences of inappropriate conduct

• If any incident occurs involving the misbehavior of a student, the parents of the student will be informed and invited to discuss the matter with the management.
• The initial incident would be referred to the class teacher who would inform the principal. The principal would ensure that the student will give complete statement in writing and will be interviewed in detail about the matter.
• A serious breach of discipline includes: Possession of drugs or alcohol, bullying in any form, Insubordination to any member or staff, Theft, etc. For the first time it will lead to a suspension of the student for 3 days, for the second time- 7 days and third time a permanent expulsion.