Welcome to Indo Bharat International School


Most visitors wish they were back at school when they see our Infant School facilities. Each year is housed in a separate ‘Pod' equipped with its own kitchen, classrooms and central working area. Each Pod is spacious and bright and takes on the term’s theme in its entirety, displaying as much of the children’s work as possible.

Infant School begins at four years of age in Reception and continues through for couple of years. The development of the whole child is our focus in the Infant School.

Young children are active learners and therefore operate most effectively through first – hand experiences. They are encouraged to question, explore apply and test out what they know and can do. They are also encouraged to develop their ideas, understanding and language as they begin to assimilate the knowledge, concepts, and skills which will give them a basis to build on throughout their life.

Teaching and learning strategies are varied according to the purpose of the task and the need of the child. The teaching staffs are there to guide, encourage and challenge all within a caring and supportive environment that promotes children to be independent learners.
Indo Bharat International School